Lots of solo shows until the November Tour, check the Shows page for a list of the Berlin upcoming solo shows, looking forward to trying out some new stuff I have been working on. Yall keep your heads up out there


Some may have heard the DJC JUD & Fullbliss empire is under reconstruction, negotiations are underway, for a return of JUD to the original lineup, including Hoss Wright and Steve Cordrey. We shall hope this is geographically and physically possible, and look forward to a wonderful time in November.

Hey Creatures, some cool stuff going on but you’ve got to look for it, Tour Dates in Nov, until then
get your eyes on some JUD Videos, our Youtube channel is also loaded up with some old classics, as well as this
beauty from the new album for “Blind Society” and hey that’s a metaphor for yall PC folks
Directed by Christoph Steinau
Director of Photography: Thomas Förster
Gaffer: Christoph Neugebauer
Edited by Natascha Werner & Christoph Steinau

16 Mar 2017

JUD will be on tour in November 2017 in support of the new album “Generation Vulture”

for confirmed show updates visit the Tour Dates page

31 March 2017 and
the now for the JUD news:
just uploaded to our YouTube channel JUDTV, is the previously unreleased film from the recording of the first JUD album
“Something Better” awesome to go back more than 20 years and watch this!




06 Feb 2017

Jud rages forward !!! our Analog treatment of a Digitally sick world!!!

Thanks to a full house at the Duncker in Berlin ! We had a blast, thanks for the support after 21 years of pounding that stage.

Rolling Stone Magazine!!

yeah so JUD is way too heavy for those guys, but respect as they have reviewed all of my last albums and this one as well, an honor to be in the mag and still to get such positive reviews, “A Mountain of Paranoia and Conspiricy Theories… Fitting exactly with our times”

New Noise Magazine print in France, just rocked the new JUD album “Generation Vulture” to 8,5 from 10 points, will be posted as soon as we can translate the adjectives…

Jud with Deadly Past at the Bassy Club in Berlin 24 Feb was +Der Hammer+ ! It was indeed a wonderful evening of  music and friends and a sweet 4 camera crew and board mix from Frank(Bassy) Cameras from Stephan, courtesy of Deadly Past. Looking forward to that film.

2 Jan 2017Welcome to a brand new day, been listening to Van Morrison, Glenn Miller, Leonard Cohen, and Townes Van Zandt to get me through the holidays,


We are proud to announce the long awaited release of JUD’s 6th full length album “Generation Vulture”. Visit our music page for a copy direct from us, or visit your local record shop and if they don’t have it well make them order you a copy! We are happy to post you one as well. Visit our music page. This one is gonna make your skin crawl. We will see you to celebrate in Berlin, at the Privatclub 30 Nov 2016 for our release concert.


Well creatures what can we say, democracy at work, lets get on with it. I got an email from my Mom today from Virginia, she says.. “The Generation of the Vulture has begun” we have to learn how to live within this chaos and continue in our quest for the good, guess we can all go and watch the old 80’s film “Legend” and try to stay on target red5

my work continues, hand made music, hand made objects, keeping up the optimism and living in close proximity to the edge

whey is the release date November 17? it is my 50th Birthday, and to get this JUD album out and on that day is a dream come true for me. those of you wanting to get chill bumped just get yourself one from the album page or send me an email directly david@fullbliss.com

on this day of change and mourning of sorts, I wish you well854


New Album: JUD “Generation Vulture” Cd Digipak with lyric Booklet

As the world tries to end itself JUD has risen to deliver to your starved ears their 6th masterpiece “GENERATION VULTURE” You will feel the river flowing, you will hear the devil scream, an album for the living, an album for the dead. Don’t leave this planet without this one.

Release date: November 17, 2016



Video: “Blind Society”

directed by Christoph Steinau

Release date: November 20, 2016



Welcome Jeff Aug / Maximum Booking

as European Booking partner



After some lovely contractual back and forth sidesteppin’ action the brain shattering upcoming release from JUD “Generation Vulture” will be released through the DJC network “Village Slut Records” an invisible record company using the solid partners Supermusic / AAA media solutions and King Ink Media. They proved to be an unbiased supporter of the DJC music network on multiple releases in the past, if it’s not broke, well, keep pedaling brothas