David Judson Clemmons & The Fullbliss

Since 1997 David has been simultaneously producing and releasing albums as a solo artist and/or with his alternate project The Fullbliss. As an outlet for songs with a darker side the Fullbliss was born. The Fullbliss constantly shows its face as a solid machine in musical history. Originally based in Los Angeles, parallel to the writing and recording of JUD “Chasing California” David met violinist Janice Mautner-Markham, later adding Joey and Skip. Upon David’s migration to Europe all members remain a part of the project. The Berln based line-up of David’s Fullbliss include Jud members Jan and James, as well as Anne de Wolff, and guests Bjoern Werra and Oliver Grauer.


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Original founding members are Janice Mautner-Markham, David “Skip” Doyle (The Murmurs), and Joey Gold (Love/Hate). The Evolution of David & The Fullbliss includes Todd Sicafoose (Ani DiFranco), Dan Morris (Smashing Pumpkins), Bjoern Werra (Abwarts,Niedecken,Pigor & Eichhorn),  James Schmidt (JUD), Anne de Wolff (Calexico,BAP), Jan Hampicke (Wuthe & Faust) as well as guest musicians Oliver Grauer, Ulrich Rode (BAP), Lisa Gamache, Dawnia Carlson, Rick Parnell (Spinal Tap), & Carlos Garcia